Friday, March 7, 2008

The weather

The weather is pretty nice. The temperature ranges between 60 - 80 degrees. It is starting to be the rainy season so it rains in paroxysms from a 15 min - 3 hours heavily. Then stops and the sun comes back out. When it is raining and at night it is about 60. When the sun comes out it warms up. I usually wear long pants and a jacket. The buildings have concrete floors and no heat so it tends to feel cold even though it is only 60. At night I keep warm using 2 blankets.
The second day at the hospital I also had to run chronic care clinic as well as performing my ward duties. I saw about 30 patients one after the other most just had hypertension and diabetes. Only 1 out of 30 was obese. It took all day to see those patients and I missed lunch.

By the way I also came here with another resident who works at my hospital. Her name is Sara Doorley. She runs the female ward. We basically do everything together. Eat go to work go home go into town. She is very compassionate to the patients and has a lot of experience with global health in the past.



Benjamin said...

I like that you use the word "paroxysms" to describe the weather. What a Dr. Nerd.

Josh said...

Hey Raf,

Keep up the good work, sounds really hard. You are my hero

Sam and Rachel said...

--why so much DM & HTN if not much obesity? No McD to blame over there (although I guess I wouldn't be surprised if there was a McD Uganda)
--trouble staying warm? I hope you're at least using your famous caccooning sleeping bag method