Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well it is my last day in Kisoro. Tomorrow morning at 4:30 I will take as bus trip to Kampala and then on to Entebbe to fly back to the US. I am sad it is over so quickly. I would have liked to stay and worked longer and gotten to know the community better and toured around more. I will miss the sounds of sunrise, the relaxed pace of life where no one pays attention to time besides for us, the stars at night and the waxing and waning of the moon, the wind and dampness in the air before a big rain, and the friendly people who I have gotten to know. I don't mind so much the cold showers, the lack of variety of food, the sluggishness of the internet, or the children asking us for pens every second. I hope to return to this place or someplace similar to it in the future to practice medicine the old-fashioned way without millions of expensive tests to distance you from the patient and provide easy answers but to solve the mysteries of the human body by speaking with the patients and carefully examining them.


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Benjamin said...

sounded like an unbeleivable experience. Have a safe trip back and we'll see you soon!